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Client Success

For this fiscal year, Time for Change Foundation (TFCF) is proud to report that we have provided 58 women and 41 children with a total of 5,441 shelter nights and 130,584 hours of services; 36 families have found permanent housing with the support of TFCF, and through our Homes of Home Permanent Housing Program 15 women and 25 children received permanent housing.

Services provided include:
•742 Case Management sessions
•742 Independent Living Skills process groups and Nutritional Awareness
•88 Parenting Education Workshops
•163 Relapse Prevention Sessions
•207 Mommy & Me Child Bonding Sessions
•153 Financial Education and Money Management Session
•112 family healthcare visits
•96 session of Mental Health Counseling.

TFCF issued a total of 137 Certificates of Completion to our clients for the various educational classes they have completed.

Our Leadership Project consisting of accountability, responsibility and volunteerism resulted in:
•369 Peer- to Peer groups as well as
•4,820 transports to various community events, community services, and civic engagement functions.

As part of our rehabilitation program our clients attended
•163 sessions of Drug and Alcohol Counseling
•156 Twelve-Step Meetings, 183 Work to Win/Employment Readiness Workshops
•390 Leadership Development Training Workshops

For self-improvement and higher education, our clients attended over 162 educational and/or college instruction classes and 335 Life Skills Education Workshops. TFCF has successfully helped 17 women with establishing family visits for Family Reunification; in total we reunited 17 children into a safe and supportive environment.

Additionally, TFCF has provided utility/rental assistance in the community to approximately 31 adults and 38 children. Lastly, to ensure that we have a drug free environment for families, we conducted 387 random drug tests throughout this period.




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