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For this fiscal year, Time for Change Foundation (TFCF) is proud to report that we have provided 58 women and 41 children with a total of 5,441 shelter nights and 130,584 hours of services; 36 families have found permanent housing with the support of TFCF, and through our Homes of Home Permanent Housing Program 15 women and 25 children received permanent housing.


Services provided include:
  • 742 Case Management sessions
  • 742 Independent Living Skills process groups and Nutritional Awareness
  • 88 Parenting Education Workshops
  • 163 Relapse Prevention Sessions
  • 207 Mommy & Me Child Bonding Sessions
  • 153 Financial Education and Money Management Session
  • 112 family healthcare visits 96 session of Mental Health Counseling.


TFCF issued
  • 137 Certificates of Completion to our clients for the various educational classes they have completed.


Our Leadership Project consisting of accountability, responsibility and volunteerism resulted in:
  • 369 Peer- to Peer groups as well as
  • 4,820 transports to various community events, community services, and civic engagement functions.


As part of our rehabilitation program our clients attended
  • 163 sessions of Drug and Alcohol Counseling
  • 156 Twelve-Step Meetings,
  • 183 Work to Win/Employment Readiness Workshops
  • 390 Leadership Development Training Workshops


For self-improvement and higher education, our clients attended over 162 educational and/or college instruction classes and 335 Life Skills Education Workshops. TFCF has successfully helped 17 women with establishing family visits for Family Reunification; in total we reunited 17 children into a safe and supportive environment.


Additionally, TFCF has provided utility/rental assistance in the community to approximately 31 adults and 38 children. Lastly, to ensure that we have a drug free environment for families, we conducted 387 random drug tests throughout this period.



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